Monday, January 22, 2018
WYG Group
WYG is an international, multi-disciplinary consultant to the built, natural and social environment, providing a range of complementary, high-quality engineering, rail, environmental, planning and management services to a diverse range of clients in the public and private sectors and to social and economic regeneration projects worldwide. WYG is currently operating in over 40 countries, providing a global network of support to clients and employs more than 1,500 highly-skilled and experienced staff.

WYG’s mission is to be the best in class consultant and to achieve this by respecting 3 fundamental values in everything it does: being imaginative, purposeful and dependable. WYG’s message to its clients, staff and partners is “creative minds, safe hands”.

WYG was the first company of its type to create a significant presence in Turkey when it established a subsidiary there in 2002. In June 2007, WYG and DeLeeuw International (currently WYG Türkiye) announced a merging of their businesses in the country, the combined business operating under the name of DeLeeuw International (currently WYG Türkiye), a subsidiary of WYG International Limited.

In its relatively short time in Turkey, WYG has established a varied portfolio of projects in both the socio-economic and technical spheres. These projects include the Regional Competitiveness/Development Projects, Human Resource Development and Water Projects in the most economically dynamic regions of Turkey and less developed regions. The business is now gearing up to broaden its range of services in sectors like construction and engineering, environment, water and sanitation, planning and transportation.

WYG Türkiye’s vision is to become a major catalyst to raise the standards of change management in Western Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia and Caucasus countries to worldwide standards and it is committed to provide the best value for change management needs by “Professional Project Management & Institutional Capacity Building”.

WYG Türkiye is the leader in the Donor Funded Technical Projects in Turkey with the award “Best Project Management Consultant of the Year” in 2009. WYG Türkiye currently employs approximately 50 permanent staff and more than 100 project staff.
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