Monday, January 22, 2018
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Completed Projects
  • Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of the Rural Development and the Private Sector Development Programmes, northern part of Cyprus
  • Technical Assistance for Improving the Quality of Public Employment Services Operation
  • Technical Assistance for Potential Operation and Grant Beneficiaries (HRD OP 5.2), Information and Publicity (HRD OP 5.3)
  • Technical Assistance for Implementation of Human Resources Development Operational Programme (HRD OP 5.1 Project)
  • Technical Assistance for Promoting Youth Employment in Turkey
  • Technical Assistance for Improving Participatory Strategic Governance at Local Level
  • Strengthening Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) and National Qualifications System (NQS) in Turkey
  • Technical Assistance for Promotion of Lifelong Learning in Turkey
  • Setting up of an Open Access Information Point on the European Union” at Northern Part of Cyprus
  • Development of Communication Strategy and Materials for Primary Education Institutions
  • Regional Environmental Network for Accession (RENA)
  • Technical Assistance for Promoting Women’s Employment in Turkey
  • Technical Assistance for Introduction of Quality Management in the Revenue Administration
  • Technical Assistance for Promoting Registered Employment
  • Support to the Solution of Economic and Social Integration Problems in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa as Major In-Migrant Destinations
  • Technical Assistance for the Promotion of Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey
  • Technical Assistance for Supporting the Solution of Economic and Social Integration Problems in Diyarbakır, Sanlıurfa, Gaziantep, and Erzurum, as Major In-Migrant Destinations
  • Continuation of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme
  • Technical Assistance for the Reception Centres for Asylum Seekers and Refugees and Removal Centres for the Illegal Migrants
  • Awareness Raising Campaign on Accreditation
  • Technical Assistance for the Improvement of Access Regime in the Turkish Telecommunications Market
  • Strengthening Social Dialogue, for Innovation and Change in Turkey
  • EU Turkey Business Centres
  • The Supervision of the Renovation of Incubator Buildings for KOSGEB in Turkey
  • Technical Assistance for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for the alignment of organic agriculture legislation to the EU acquis and the development of organic agriculture in Turkey
  • Fener and Balat Rehabilitation Programme
  • Preparation of Master Plans for Water, Wastewater and Storm-water Drainage for the town of Gönyeli in northern part of Cyprus
  • Eastern Anatolia Development Programme
  • Strengthening the provision of Emergency Obstetric Care in selected provinces of Erzurum, Kars, Ağrı, Iğdır, Ardahan in Eastern Turkey
  • External Trainers Pool for DIS (Decentralized Implementation System) Related Training
  • Support to the Turkish Employment Organisation (İŞKUR) Turkey
  • Cultural Heritage Support Programme in South Eastern Turkey
  • Capacity Building Project for State Planning Organisation
  • Sustainable Economic Development and ICT Sector Program
  • Technical Assistance for Building the Capacity of EU Affairs in the Governorates
  • Technical Assistance on Mental Health Care and Drug Addiction Treatment Services in Prisons
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