Monday, January 22, 2018
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Current Projects
  • Setting up a Programme Management Unit to support the implementation of grant schemes for the Turkish Cypriot community", northern part of Cyprus
  • Technical Assistance for Promoting Social Inclusion in Densely Roma Populated Areas
  • Technical Assistance for the “Hand Made in Hatay” Operation
  • Technical Assistance for Evaluation of Contractual Claims (Government of Kenya)
  • Technical Assistance on Alignment in Human Tissues and Cells Turkey
  • Technical Assistance for Recruitment of Future Blood Donors
  • Environment and Climate Regional Accession Network (ECRAN)
  • Technical Assistance and Supervision for Bulancak Water and Waste Water Project
  • Technical Assistance on Continuation of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme
  • Technical Assistance for the Supervision of Construction of Ordu Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Retrofitting of Kumbaşı WWTP
  • Technical Assistance and Supervision for Siverek Wastewater Project Beneficiary: Siverek Municipality
  • Building the Capacities of the MoIC in the field of planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Egypt
  • Technical Assistance for Strengthening of Local Investment Planning Capacity with the Participation of Local Actors
  • Technical Assistance for the Operation ‘Employment and Social Support Services Coordination and Implementation Model for the Integration of Disadvantaged Persons’
  • Technical Assistance for Improvement of Enforcement Services in Prisons
  • Support to Preparation of the National Strategy for Harmonization with the EU Acquis in the “Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services” Chapter – Relaunch
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